Villainy's new single will smack you in the face and you're going to love every second of it

new music 19/10/2018

Holy hecka. Villainy is packing a punch on their new tune IFXS and we're bloody loving it.  

The beat is neck-spraining good, simultaneously chaotic and strangely melodic. 

With heated lyrics like; "I fucked a snake with a rake and a motherfucking blade," it may sound like the track has come from a venomous place. Frontman Neill Fraser reveals the truth, which is a little less intense. 

It started as just a bass lick that James had made; then he started yelling about fucking a snake.

The band were touring in Australia over a year ago when the instrumental came to life.

The boys revisited the tune a few months ago while piecing together album ideas. 

"We tend to just throw shit at the wall and see where it goes," Neill explains.  

On the track's meaning, guitarist Thom Watt's adds: "It's just about wanting to spend time with your mates."

Fucking the moon with a spoon?  

Sounds like "spending time with your mates" is a real good time for Villainy. 

"Alternatively, you could say I holed up in an attic on a long weekend and poured my heart out," jokes Neill,  

"There really wasn't any amazing inspiration other than wanting to do something off the cuff."  

Well lads, you've certainly achieved that. 

We're all about the music video too. Filmed at Food City in Northcote, Villainy sit with an astronomical number of gummy worms - an obvious tie-in to the snake in the song. While Neill is paradoxically chill in his vocal delivery, the rest of the band go ham on the worms.

And now time for obviously the most important question of all here; where in the shit do you get that many gummy worms? 

"We cleared out every K-Mart and Warehouse. Unfortunately, Food City couldn't supply our demand." 

Thom even picked up 6kgs of gummy worms off some dude on the side of the motorway.

No really. 

Like a drug deal, only with candy.

Oi. Not that kind of candy. 

"A Hillsborough snake meet," Neill clarifies.

How f*cking good? Villainy, out there doing it. 

This is just the Villainy fix we needed while waiting for their new album. While the band won't reveal a date yet, it's coming. We will keep you posted as details emerge.  

Watch the IFXS video above or stream on Spotify here.