WATCH: Limp Bizkit's guitarist gets swallowed by mosh pit, Fred Durst starts freaking out

Limp Bizkit 05/10/2018

While jamming out to their anthem 'Break Stuff', Limp Bizkit lost their guitarist, Wes Borland to the mosh pit at the recent Self Help Festival in the US. 

What started sounding like a stupid stunt, soon became clear it was anything but. You can audibly hear the panic in Fred Durst's voice in the video above. 

Wes stepped off the stage and quickly dissappeared from sight, prompting Durst to ask; "Oh, shit! What are we gonna do now?" 

"Everybody keep your eyes on Wes Borland. Oh, shit."

The concern for the guy really sets in, after a little more time passed. Is he getting mauled by fans? 

Durst called out to his guitarist;  "Aw shit. Wes, can you hear me? Is he giving me a signal? Everybody get down... I can't see Wes. Turn the lights on, man! I gotta see. You guys please, please be careful, all right. Bring it down, bring it down. Okay, I see him now."

After finding his mate, he took that as an opportunity to go on a political tangent. Not a particularly good one either. 

So, maybe don't stick around for that part of the video. But watch Wes go walk abouts above.