Photo credits to unknown / Mark Metcalfe / Peter Dervin

Watch Neil Finn & Eddie Vedder jam with Mike Campbell in the bathroom

Rock News 20/11/2018

Fleetwood Mac had performed a concert at Tacoma Dome, Washington over the weekend, home to Pearl Jam frontman, Eddie Vedder.

Mike Campbell has shared a jamming video via his Instagram of himself, Vedder and our very own Crowded House's Neil Finn playing a short jam.

However, this session did not take place during Fleetwood Mac's concert or in any studios... the collaboration took place in the most unlikely location of a bathroom.

As part of Campbell's latest Instagram series titled "Bathroom Jams", he posts short clips of himself and sometimes guests, jamming in backstage bathrooms.

Watch his latest "Bathroom Jams Volume 15" featuring Finn and Vedder below.

"See you in the next city in the next bathroom of the USA," says Campbell. We definitely are looking forward to more "Bathroom Jams".

Check out his past jams below.