Rock's back on top with Disturbed and Greta Van Fleet albums debuting on Billboard's top five

music news 01/11/2018

After years of hip hop and electronica absolutely dominating the music charts, it's bloody refreshing to see two new rock albums debut on the Billboard Top Five. 

Huge congrats to Greta Van Fleet and Disturbed. 

Disturbed's new album Evolution has sold over 71,00 units, earning a sweet no.4 on The Billboard Album charts in it's first week.

Good shit lads. Frontman David Draiman recently shared an alternative view on music streaming; “People demonize streaming. They think that’s the thing that killed aspects of this industry when nothing could be further from the truth. Piracy is what killed aspects of this industry – streaming is bringing it back.”

AND with those sales records, it isn't actually stopping true fans from buying your album either.

But let's talk about GRETA VAN FLEET. 

The 20 somethings reviving that 60s-70s rock soud, have slid on into the world's most coveted music charts at a cool no.3 with their debut album, Anthem of the Peaceful Army.

It's already sold over 87,000 copies. 

How good? 

Don't miss out on seeing Greta Van Fleet live, here in New Zealand. 

Details here.