Sharon Osbourne drugged Ozzy to find out all his dirty cheating secrets

Ozzy Osbourne 05/11/2018

In a recent interview with The Sun, Sharon Osbourne revealed how exactly she found out about the Prince of Darkness' numerous affairs. 

Back in 2016, Ozzy Osborne made headlines for putting his dick in places no married man should be putting it. As a result, the iconic couple Sharon and Ozzy almost split, before later reconciling. 

They might be back together, but all is not forgiven. 

 I put an extra two in his drink . . . and asked him everything,

“I was a broken woman. He sent me an email that was meant for one of his women," Sharon told The Sun. 

“Then he took his sleeping pills. I put an extra two in his drink . . . and asked him everything, and everything came out."

Woah woah woah. Cheating's bad. We're not defending that. But drugging the fella? That's f*cking cooked.

Defending her actions, Aunty Sharon continued; “He would have never told me the truth, ever. He was ashamed, afraid. I knew how long. I knew who it was. I knew what he was thinking and then, you know, you leave."

"Ozzy told me it was over with this woman and I believed him. Then, six months later, I found out it wasn’t and there were others. Only then did he come out and say, ‘I’m an addict. I can’t help it.'"

Ozzy's since seeked treatment for sex addiction. However Sharon told The Sun she still doesn't trust th ol' fella. 

"I don’t trust him. I worry about that. I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him," 

"Nothing in the world hurts like infidelity. Nothing."

Sharon Osbourne has actually written a book about infidelity, which she's currently shopping to publishers. And there's a film about the start of their relationship set to come out, according to another recent interveiw the reality star had with Variety