Watch Dave Grohl play his old band Nirvana's 'All Apologies' at a surprise club show

Vids 11/12/2018

Just one day after putting on a show at Warren Haynes' 30th Christmas Jam by playing his epic 23-minute hard-rock opus 'Play', Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has suprised locals by deciding to put on another last minute surprise show.

The Nirvana drummer explains why, to Rolling Stone.

Tonight happened because of this snowstorm that hit, knowing we probably weren’t going to fly out today. Last night at 4 a.m., we’re at the after-party for Christmas Jam. I said to someone, ‘We got to find somewhere to play.’ And everyone was talking about this place the Orange Peel.”

12 hours later, and it was announced that Grohl and Gov't Mule frontman (Warren Haynes) would take stage at the iconic rock venue in teh heart of Asheville, North Carolina. And at only $10 a ticket at an intimate venue of 1050 capacity, the gig sold out quick.

The all star band cast he put together for the Christmas Jam performance joined him too - featuring members of Queens of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures and Jane's Addiction and played "Play" once again.

The also then kicked into performances of Led Zepp's "Since I've Been Loving You" and "You Don't Know How It Feels" by Tom Petty.

Then the real cool shit happened.

“Warren said, ‘Do you want to do ‘All Apologies’? That used to be thin ice and delicate ground for a long time, for good reason. That’s something that had to be handled gently,” says Grohl.

“When he mentioned that song, my initial reaction was, ‘I can’t do that. I shouldn’t that.’ But then I think about the people that the song means so much to and has been a part of their lives — that joy and love should be shared. And then, as we were playing it, the audience starts to sing along, and I’m crying my eyes out onstage trying to keep it together — what a beautiful moment. And who am I to keep people from that beautiful moment?”

Have a watch above.