Weezer begged to cover 'Africa', stitched up the internet and covered Toto's 'Rosanna' instead

Weezer 25/05/2018

Over the last year, an impassioned 14-year-old Weezer fan named Mary has extensively campaigned for Weezer to cover Toto's 'Africa' - for the memes, man. 

She's managed a well-documented Twitter account called @WeezerAfrica, thousands have supported her heroic effort.

Yesterday, Weezer finally reponded to the viral #WeezerCoverAfrica campaign, by covering Toto's less famous hit 'Rosanna'. Classic Rivers Cuomo move. 

Listen to the musical troll of a cover above.

While some may be infuriated with Weezer, Mary seems somewhat stoked the boys responded “#WeezerCoverAfrica turned into #WeezerCoveringRosanna ???

But she won't be giving up on her Africa dreams, just yet. 

Sometimes, just sometimes, the internet is a wonderful place.