Travis Barker: new Blink-182 album out in 2019 and 'closest we've come to' self-titled set

Rock News 21/02/2019

Good news, Blink-182 fans!

According to drummer Travis Barker, you won't have to wait much longer to hear a new album from the American rockers. Barker recently spoke with Billboard, revealing the latest news on the band's next album:

I’m really excited because we’re about 70 percent finished with our album.

"I feel like this (new album) is the closest we’ve come to something like (2003's) Blink-182 since that album, which is one of my favorite Blink albums by far." 

When asked why he compared the new record to their 2003 self-titled set, Barker said: "I feel like (2016’s) California was similar to (1999’s) Enema of the State and (2001’s) Take Off Your Pants and Jacket: reestablishing the band, giving fans what they really want and expect from Blink.

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"Now that we got that out of our system naturally, we’re not writing like that this time. It’s more experimental. It’s not like you’re listening and thinking, 'Oh I’ve heard that before, oh I can compare this to this other song.'


With this album we’re reestablishing new songs, new rhythms, new ideas.


Barker continued: "The songs on the new album don’t have any brothers or sisters. They don’t sound like anything we’ve done before. Songs on self-titled like 'Feeling This' and 'I Miss You,' I really feel like those didn’t sound like anything Blink had touched on before. I just know were doing that again. That’s exciting to me."

So when can we expect to hear this new album? Barker reckons: "April, May or June, if I had to guess. That’s the target. It’s kind of loose. But I feel like it’s happening right around there."

At least we now have one reason to look forward New Zealand's winter!