Greta Van Fleet say they'll release new music in 2019 or "we're parting ways"

Rock News 26/04/2019

Is this good or bad news? Honestly, it's hard to tell

Greta Van Fleet have "promised" their fans they'll either release new music in 2019 or they're gonna call it a day and disband... um, okay.

Talking with Billboard, the band confirmed some of their current plans. When asked what's in their pipeline, bassist Sam Kiszka said:

"A lot more writing, getting some stuff recorded and start working on the next thing."

When asked if that means new music, Kiszka says:

Oh yeah, absolutely. I'll quit if we don't.

Frontman Josh Kiszka then said:

We'll all quit; we're parting ways if we don't release new music.

"We're so humbled by the fact we have those opportunities that not many other people have."

So either new music or no more Greta? Let's hope they're just playing around... with new music.