Maynard locks in Tool's album release date.. by making fun of us one more time

Rock News 14/05/2019

Tool have never been the type of band that simply reveals all their plans, in a clear, well-timed manner.

So when it comes to this new album, that's over 13-years in the making, fans are now use to being disappointed - but this time it looks different as frontman Maynard James Keenan confirmed August 30 will be the official release date.

Responding to fans asking if the date was true after Tool light up their stage with 'August 30th' graphics during an intermission, Maynard simply wrote:

Yes. #yesitis 

So Maynard has made sure he's had the last laugh, poking fun at all of us who have been holding out for this album. But at least the release is real. It's actually happening. Circle August 30 in your calendar (it's a Friday by the way). 

Until then, you can watch & listen to high-quality recording's of two new Tool songs, 'Invincible' & Decending here.