Slipknot tease new masks and the finer details are outstanding

Slipknot 15/05/2019

Slipknot have dropped two cryptic videos in the last 24 hours, teasing their new masks and potentially naming the new album.

The dedicated Slipknot Brazil fan site have taken to both videos with a knife, slicing and dicing every frame to give us the best look at the new masks, and the level of detail is bloody outstanding.

The first video, titled 'We are not your kind', is linked to the band's website that displays a countdown which lands on "0516," suggesting the something big is coming on May 16. See the video and Slipknot Brazil's shots of the new masks below.

Slipknot followed up the video above by another 1-minute video titled "How Dare You Martyr Me" which could hint at the album's name. See the video, which tracks Slipknot's evolution through the years, below. 

The new album will be available Friday 9 August (probably Saturday 10, NZ time).

Fans can expect to hear a heavier, darker album, with frontman Corey Taylor telling Des Moines Register via Loudwire that the new album is "evil" and will be a "pretty dark ride".