Tom Morello tells fans 'don't wait around' for a new Rage Against the Machine album

Rock News 28/05/2019

Sorry Rage fans...

Tom Morello has told fans to get together with friends and form your own band instead of waiting for Rage Against the Machine to return. Darnit.

The Prophets of Rage guitarist spoke to hardDrive Radio last week at the Sonic Temple Art + Music Festival - where Morello performed a tribute to the late Chris Cornell with System of a Down's Surj Tankian - when he was asked about a possible RATM return:

"There's no news on the Rage Against the Machine front," he said.

"You're absolutely right that the times demand people standing up. And that's what I'm doing with my stuff, what Prophets is doing, what hopefully all your viewers and listeners are doing with their own time.

Don't wait around for Rage Against the Machine, form your own band and get it done.

So it's now up to you, reading the right now, to form a band and give the world a soundtrack to rebel to. God speed.

You can watch Morello's full interview below: