Watch & listen to high-quality recordings of Tool's two new songs 'Invincible' & 'Descending'

tool 10/05/2019

It's been a great week for Tool fans

The band have began touring again, they've debuted two new songs, and to top it of they (probably) revealed when their highly-anticipated album will FINALLY be released.

Since they are touring and performing new material, fans lucky enough to see them live have been recording and sharing those performances online for us to gush over.

But now, youtube channel ToolArchive have compiled fan-shot footage and audio to give us the clearest recording of Tool's latest work, 'Invincible' and 'Descending'.

The recordings were made at from Tool's first show in 2019 on May 5 at the Welcome To Rockville music festival in America.

While it's by no means an album recording, this is the clearest pictutre we have of Tool's latest work...until that album drops in August. Check it out for yourself below:

Tool - Invincible

Tool - Descending