Seether working towards a 2020 release for new album

Rock News 17/06/2019

South African rockers Seether have announced it's time for the three-piece to get back to work on a new album. 

Drummer John Humphrey recently spoke with T95 The Rock Radio Station, laying out a rough timeline for the band and it looks like a 2020 release is on the cards.

"We've been home since the holidays, kind of recharging our batteries. We've done a couple of shows, and we'll go in at the end of summer and early fall and track a new album, work on a new album," said Humphrey.

"We've got some material brewing. Shaun's (Morgan, singer/songwriter) sending out demos to everybody to kind of get prepared. And, yeah, we'll head into the studio here pretty soon and start tracking new stuff."

The new album will be the band's first since their 2017 release 'Poison the Parish' which saw them debut a new logo and take on a much heavier sound, like the song 'Let You Down' that reached #1 on the Billboard rock charts at the time.