Greta Van Fleet are 'working on something quite different' for second album

Greta Van Fleet 17/07/2019

Young rockers Greta Van Fleet could be changing up their signature sound for their follow-up to their breakout debut album, 'Anthem of the Peaceful Army'.

The band say they're currently working on something "quite different," but bassist Sam Kiszka and guitarist Jake Kiszka said they can't reveal too much more than that.

Talking about the new album with NME on tour in Spain, Jake said: "We're working on one, yeah. We're hoping to have it out by the end of this year, and it is an album."

There's a little evolution, I suppose, with everything. We're working on something quite different, I suppose. It's interesting because we never know exactly what an album's gonna look like; it can only be so premeditated.

"But, as it sort of unfolds now, it's sort of an example of where we are musically right now. So, it's definitely much different than 'Anthem of the Peaceful Army' would have been."

Sam added: "I think it's really the next step in the evolution of what we want to do."  The bass player said Greta Van Fleet are "incorporating more sounds, more tones, more styles of music, perhaps and kind of taking a step in the cinematic direction" with their new music.

Greta Van Fleet are headed to NZ to play a show in September, so the first time Kiwis hear a few new snippets could be live at home.

You can see their full interview below.