Photo by Guy Prives

Bon Jovi announces title of new upcoming album

music news 31/08/2019

Jon Bon Jovi announced this week that the band's new upcoming album will be titled 'Bon Jovi: 2020'.

Judging from the title, we're gathering it will be released next year, so we've got a bit of a wait on our hands. 

Bon Jovi told fans during a show on their Runaway to Paradise Mediterranean cruise that the title and theme of the new album is inspired by today's headlines.

It's an election year, so why not?" he said. "I couldn't do any worse.

He also explained that the songs deal with world topics such as war veterans who suffer from PTSD, the non-stop mass shooting news and more. Bon Jovi admitted that it's a different record compared to what fans are normally used to but he's "very happy with it".

"This House Is Not for Sale dealt with personal matters, and now it's behind us," he added. "Now I have clear vision moving forward."