LISTEN: New Slipknot songs that Corey Taylor says are like black metal David Bowie

Slipknot 19/08/2019

Between Slipknot, Stone Sour and numerous other musical projects, it's fair to say Corey Taylor knows his rock. 

He takes inspiration from many musicians that came before him, but you may be surprised to hear one of Slipknot's latest tracks from new album, 'We Are Not Your Kind,' was inspired by the late David Bowie - 'A Liar's Funeral.'

"The guitar solo has got a strong hint of Adrian Belew, which I thought was perfect. It had that element of David Bowie on 'Fashion,'" said Taylor.

Have a listen to the song for yourself below.

Another 'Bowie-zested' track on the album is 'Spiders.'

"The first song that made me feel like we were doing something different again was 'Spiders,'" said Taylor.

"The core of it was recorded and then we kept adding elements to it. We had all these songs around it that we were tracking and finishing, but we were constantly still looking for the key to 'Spiders.' We were looking for the moments to add to it."

"It was almost like seasoning a stew. Too much and it doesn’t work, just the right amount and it’s damn near perfect."

Check out that track below.