Slipknot will release 11 experimental & psychedelic outtakes from 'All Hope Is Gone' album

Slipknot 23/08/2019

A wave of new Slipknot music continues!

It seems Slipknot have no plans to slow down after the release of new album, 'We Are Not Your Kind'.

According to Shawn "Clown" Crahan, the band plan to release 11 outtakes from their 2008 album 'All Hope Is Gone' sometime during this album cycle.

During the writing of the album, four band members - Crahan Jim Root, Corey Taylor and Sid Wilson - recorded 'more experimental, psychedelic tunes'. Some of these songs evolved into tracks on 'We Are Not Your Kind', and now the band feel it's the right time to release the remaining songs. 

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"We have a whole other album that four of us wrote when we did 'All Hope Is Gone,'" Crahan said.

We have 11 songs that we’re gonna release sometime in this album cycle

"But it’s never been about just getting it out. It needs to be out when it’s right and by coming out during this album cycle people will even understand more what we’re doing on this album and what first led to it."

"We’re in a very good place. Right now we’re gonna enjoy the fruits of our labor and enjoying all the hard work that went into this."

This should make for some interesting listening.

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