LISTEN: Creed frontman Scott Stapp is back with a new heavy single: 'Purpose for Pain'

music news 20/04/2019

The former frontman for rock band Creed, Scott Stapp, has announced his return in the form of a music video for his new single 'Purpose for Pain'.

The song is said to be auto-biographical and comes from a "rush of memories, from abuse, to escape, and going from bad to worse before finding the beauty in life’s hard-learned lessons."

The track will feature on Stapp’s upcoming album The Space Between The Shadows, which will be released on an unconfirmed date this July.

Director for the video, Daniel E Catullo III said: "I’ve worked with Scott for many years now and consider him one of my dearest friends. I was honoured to be able to collaborate with him on this video and to direct the first video on the album. Coming up with creative ideas is always fun with Scott and it is an extra bonus that we think alike in so many ways."

"For this video it was a true collaborative effort and we went back and forth on a bunch of ideas until we decided on the final storyline.  I think the final video captured the essence of the song perfectly."

Check out the video above.