Pearl Jam announce a new album is in the works

Rock News 23/01/2019

Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard has confirmed some news that fans have been waiting almost six years to hear - Pearl Jam are working on a new album.

The band hasn't locked themselves in the studio just yet, but Gossard says the group has been chipping away at what would be their 11th album for awhile now.

“We’re going to make a record, and we’re in the middle of it,” Gossard told Rolling Stone. “We’re just going to keep plugging away until we get one done.”

We’ve gone in, probably, four or five times in the last couple of years, so we have a whole ton of unfinished stuff.

“We’re just sort of in a little bit of  limbo. I’m sure everybody’s got a bunch more riffs, and I’m sure Ed’s got a handful of journal lyrics. It’s just going to take us all getting into a room together for six weeks and just knocking something out.”

Bassist Jeff Amet said that the gap between albums and recording sessions was made longer after Chris Cornell's death, a close friend a former bandmate of every member of Pearl Jam. 

“I think when Chris [Cornell] passed, that’s really been a tough one to wrap our heads around, and then there’s just life stuff.”

Pearl Jam's last album was 2013's Lightning Bolt which topped the U.S. charts.

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