Sharon Osbourne shares details of Ozzy's injuries following his recent fall

music news 13/04/2019

Ozzy Osbourne was forced to postpone the rest of his 2019 tour dates last week after falling and aggravating an old injury.

Ozzy had been recovering from pnemonia at home when he had a fall, with his wife and manager Sharon now sharing the details as to the extent of his injuries:

"At the beginning of the year he had a bad flu that went to bronchitis, that went to pneumonia. He came out of hospital and he had a bad accident at home – he fell in the middle of the night."

"Years ago, he had a motorbike accident, where he was in a coma for days. And what he'd done was he re-injured his back and neck and shoulders. All of the metal rods and everything that were put in his body were dislodged. So we had to cancel his year events. But he’s good, he’s fine, he’s great. He just feels terrible. He says it’s the only thing he’s ever done right in his life, his performing, and he just feels terrible," Sharon said.

Ozzy's old Black Sabbath bandmate Geezer Butler also sent his friend a care package when he heard of the news:

"I had just gotten back from hiking through the desert in Utah when I saw the news that Ozzy had cancelled a whole year of touring. I didn’t know what it was all about, so I sent him a get-well thing. Sharon said she passed it on to Ozzy and he was very thankful that I’d been thinking of him and was wishing him better. I really hope he starts feeling better soon. I think the fact we’re all still alive, just about, is pretty impressive!" Butler said.