Tool drummer confirms 2019 release date for band's new album

Rock News 29/01/2019

Please don't be a stitch-up

Tool's long-awaited new album is only months away from being released, according to the band's drummer Danny Carey.

The bands follow-up to 2006 album 10,000 Days was initially expected to arrive in 2017, but has since faced numerous delays.

Now in 2019, Carey was filmed during an autograph session where a fan asked if there was any news on the new record, the drummer replied:

Yeah it's going to be out in mid-April. That's the plan anyway


See him confirm the news in person bellow.

Carey's announcement follows a tweet from frontman Maynard J Keenan on January 4 saying vocals for the new record were finished.

Hopefully it's finally happening.