Foo Fighters hint at new music in 2020 across social media

music news 07/01/2020

Foo Fighters fans may be in for a huge treat in 2020 if the band's cryptic clues across the internet are to be believed. Alongside several photos on social media over the last few weeks were the hashtags #FF2020 and #FF25, alluding to the fact that this year will mark the 25th anniversary of the Foo Fighters' 1995 self-titled debut album. 

Earlier this week the band put up a Facebook video of a black and white disassembled drum kit, paired with about a minute of a simple drum beat audio.

Another post of some blue tinted amps accompanied by some harder rock audio appeared the following day, causing an excited stir amongst Foo's fans. 

A similar post was also seen on New Years Day of a microphone set up in a bathtub, but without any accompanying audio this time. 

The idea of a 2020 album isn't entirely new news though - back in September frontman Dave Grohl told the crowd at Brazil's Rock in Rio that the Foos planned to start work on a new LP upon getting back to the US. 

The band have been rolling out a series of archival EPs over recent weeks as part of the lead-up to the Foo Fighter's 25th celebration. The latest one, titled '00959525', dates back to 1995 and features six tracks, including a cover of Ace Frehley's 'Ozone'. The EP also contains studio versions of the tracks 'Winnebago', 'Podunk' and 'How I Miss You' plus a pair of live recordings from the BBC.

Looks like we've got an exciting year to come...