Tool's 'Fear Inoculum' made highest-selling rock album of 2019

Rock News 16/01/2020

After a 13 year gap between their last album, Tool's 'Fear Inoculum' has proved to be yet another extremely successful masterpiece from the band. 

The long awaited, fifth studio album was released in August last year - and it did not disappoint. The album was their third to top the US Billboard 200 albums chart, and the band quickly sold out of limited edition CD sets. 

According to BuzzAngle Music's report, 'Fear Inoculum' was the highest selling rock album of 2019, with 344,285 sales. Additionally, Nielsen Music's year-end report proves that the album was the third biggest digital album of last year, with 224,000 sold.  

Here's hoping Tool's next best-selling studio album won't take another 13 years, although with their track record, we're not so sure.

With all of this hype around Tool, it reminds us of when some people weren't too happy when we first played the new track in August last year ...