WATCH: Devilskin release official video for new song 'Corrode'

Kiwi Rock Soundcheck 20/01/2020

Devilskin are making sure you start 2020 the right way, by dropping a brand new music video for brand new song, Corrode.

The tune is the first single off the kiwi rockers' upcoming album RED, due out Friday 3rd April.

This is what the band's got to say about 'Corrode':

The single Corrode encapsulates the red theme perfectly, it’s angsty lyrics tell of being completely overwhelmed and submerged in grime and stress. Fighting your way through it all and rising to ask for help.

Directed by Alex Hargreaves (Alien Weaponry, Beastwars) filmed and edited by DOP Piotr Kwasnik (Kwasnik Pictures) the video is powerful, confronting and evolves to show the bigger picture that we don’t always see in our own lives. Martin continues,

Perspective is so important, more-often-than-not, the difference between our happy places and our darkest spaces is just the angle we are looking from. This song is about the journey and the challenges you need to face when you feel lost. It’s saying it’s fine to ask for help.

Corrode is a dark and grimy insight into the mind of someone feeling the weight of daily struggles. When the mundane becomes completely overwhelming and eats away at your emotional and mental health. It's about the fragility of life when you feel crushed by everyday pressures. It's about reaching out and asking for help, confronting your demons and finally realising that the cause and the cure is yourself. Journeying into new territory sonically and visually with a monstrous video clip directed by Alex Hargreaves, Corrode succinctly captures the helpless horror that is a tormented and desperate cry for help.