WATCH: Slipknot's Shawn Crahan aka "Clown" releases trippy short film "Pollution"

Vids 16/01/2020

Strap yourselves in for the next 20 minutes, cause this one's a bit out there.

Slipknot percussionist Shawn Crahan, aka Clown, has released a 20 minute short film that he directed himself, called "Pollution".

No, it's not about climate change or the environment. The film largely consists of several trippy visuals exploring reproduction, before kicking into Nero Forte, the 5th track off the band's latest album, We Are Not Your Kind.

Crahan had this to say about Pollution:

I set out to make a short film that makes you question your own existence, here in this reality. When you lay down in your bed, next to the one you love, do you ever ask yourself - is it possible that this person could slit my throat while I’m sleeping? Enjoy. Pollution is everywhere.


Pollution was only recently uploaded to Youtube but has been viewed half a million times already, and the glowing reviews are already coming in from Slipknot fans.

But the one that sums it up best, in our heads:

Watch Pollution above, or if you just want to rinse Nero Forte on repeat (which Crahan also directed), check it out below.