WATCH: City Of Souls - Love Will Tear Us Apart

Kiwi Rock Soundcheck 26/02/2020

The legends from NZ band City of Souls have made a cover of Joy Division's 'Love Will Tear us Apart'. Here's a message from them:

Ian Curtis of Joy Division suffered from personal problems including a failing marriage, depression and epilepsy. As the band's popularity grew, Curtis's condition made it increasingly difficult for him to perform; he occasionally experienced seizures on stage.

He killed himself on the eve of the band's first US/Canada tour in May 1980, aged 23.

Over the years we have lost many people to suicide and have often fallen into those same dark places. It has taken a huge amount of self improvement and hard work to be able to recognise my triggers (Marcus). Yet I still fall into self loathing patterns. It's hard at times. Practice gratitude, notice what you take for granted... breathing, sight, smell, friends and family. Fill yourself with good people and love.

In honour to all of those that have past from finding it hard, City Of Souls have covered Love Will Tear Us Apart. If you ever find it hard to talk about please use this emoji 🤚 or just drop us a message. Love you guys!

Thank you Richie Simpson, Steve Boag, Daniel Insley, Corez Friedlander and Trajan Schwencke for being good peeps in my life! 

Thanks to everyone who rides beside us. Thanks to our families and friends who we hold close. Thanks to The Rock for jamming this track. Thank you to you who is reading this and sparked something for you. Much love fams.