The Chats release new music video, featuring the iconic 'succulent Chinese meal' man

music news 09/03/2020

Anyone remember that guy that was arrested after dining and dashing from a restaurant for not paying for his "succulent Chinese meal"?

'Mr Democracy Manifest' is the name that the serial diner and dasher was dubbed by the internet, after a video of his hilarious arrest went viral.

According to a new website that has appeared, Mr Democracy Manifest's name is Jack, and he's had a big come back recently. In fact, people actually thought he was dead, but he's very much alive and appeared in The Chats new music video. 

The video is for their new single 'Dine N Dash', yet another playful punk song, and this time it's about running away from a fancy restaurant without paying (I mean, obviously). 

The band were stoked to find Jack to recreate the viral video. They said:

We were stoked to find out he was alive, our manager and video crew tracked him down, no idea how. He turned up, had drinks with us on set, then he was gone

Watch the humorous music video below, and wait til the end to see the re-enactment.