WATCH: Highly Suspect's Rich Meyer plays 'Arizona' in his home

Watch 15/04/2020

Highly Suspect bassist and vocalist Rich Meyer has shared a video of him playing a stripped back performace of 'Arizona', from their 2019 album MCID.

The video was shared exclusively to Altpress, who also had a chat to Meyer about the video, as well as self-iso and how he's dealing with it.

When asked why he chose 'Arizona' to play, he called himself a "shameless self- promoter", and that the song is still new to people.

"Also, it’s the only song on the MCID record that I sing by myself." Although usually  he performs the song with Mark Schwartz who plays the cello in parts, "with a midi controller and the orchestra backing tracks from the album,"

So this was a very stripped-down version of the song from my point of view. It reminded me of how I felt when the song was being written, so that was fun.

He ended the interview by saying the band has been "hunkereing down and creating new music", because that's all the really can do at the moment. Works for us.