WATCH: Slipknot's Jim Root plays his favourite riffs

Watch 22/04/2020

Loudwire recently had a chat with Slipknot's guitarist Jim Root about his journey with playing guitar and music. 

In the 7 minute long video, Root begins from the beginning of his life, saying he grew up listening to the Beatles and the Who.

My parents couldn’t really afford to get me a guitar so I just had a metal nylon acoustic that had maybe three strings on it where I’d bang around on it or use other things pretending they were guitars.

When he started playing guitar, he moved away from his parents music and got into the likes of Ratt, Motley Crue, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Metallica, etc.

Root says playing the guitar always felt natural to him. 

I’m a weird guitar player in that I have the dexterity and I kind of knew the motions before I ever picked up the guitar. Maybe in a past life I was a guitar player or something, but I got it.

Root then plays one of his first riffs from the band Atomic Opera, playing a bit of the song he wrote, "Across the Sea of Doom". 

From there he dives into his time in Slipknot, talking about their legacy, the work ethic involved, and his favourite parts of some of their songs. He has a few little jams on his signature Fender Jazzmaster V4 guitar, too. 

Watch the full video above. And if you're a muso or wannabe yourself - don't forget to enter the Rock Riff Challenge and you could score yourself $500.