Metallica announce limited edition 'Blackened' whiskey box set

Our News 20/05/2020

Metallica have announced a new batch of their Blackened whiskey, complete with an all new limited edition pack.

Metallica first launched their Blackened whiskey back in 2018, named after the track from the band's 1988 album ...And Justice For All. The spirit brewed in barrels 'listening' to Metallica's music, which apparently affects its aging process using "black noise technology."

'Batch 100' is the latest blend, and is even more special than the previous batches. A brand new Metallica playlist was used to age the spirits, and the batch comes in a limited edition box full of merch. 

The box includes two 12" vinyl picture discs of the "Batch 100 Playlist" that the whiskey brewed to, a special blackened zine, and other items like guitar picks and stickers. 

Take a look at the "Batch 100" playlist below, and have a geeze at the website here.