WATCH: AC/DC mini-doco explores the band's formative years in Sydney

Watch 29/05/2020

A new documentary featuring early AC/DC history in Sydney has recently been uploaded to YouTube.

Led by Tom Compagnoni, the project features archive footage and interviews with the early lineup of AC/DC including Dave Evans, Mark Evans, Noel Taylor, Rob Bailey and Tony Currenti.

The documentary shows the bandmates sharing their recollections from the mid-70s.

The description of the film states that AC/DC was "indisputably born and bred in Sydney", but out of all the cities in Aussie, Sydney was the only one without statues, plaques or laneways that depicts the band's origin.

"They recall band rehearsals and social events at the Young family home in Burwood, seeing Angus first don his schoolboy outfit at Victoria Park Pool, filming the first video clip in The Last Picture Show in Cronulla and recording their first album at Albert Studios on King St in the heart of Sydney."

Watch the 20 minute mini-doco above.