WATCH: Alice Cooper's new COVID-19 single & music video "Don't Give Up"

Watch 21/05/2020

Alice Cooper released a new single last week, which offers a message of hope and encouragement during these weird times. 

Cooper said the new single, named "Don't Give Up", is a response to the scary world we're living in right now. 

"...We've lost a lot of people and a lot of people have been sick and we've just seen how helpless we can be," he said, "my idea was encouragement — we're stronger than this thing; we're tougher than that; we're the human race. So don't fear it. Don't give up. Keep fighting."

The music video begins with an uplifting message from Cooper, before ripping into his killer vocals. The music video also sees fans from around the world holding up the unifying lyrics to the song.

Watch a quick interview of Cooper explaining the song below, and have a watch of the new music video above.