WATCH: Metallica live in Chicago 1983 full concert

Watch 20/05/2020

For this week's #MetallicaMonday, the band shared their full 1983 live in Chicago concert from their first ever tour.

The concert took place on August 12, 1983 - the very early days of Metallica. At the time, Cliff Burton was 21, James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett were just 20 years old, and Lars Ulrich was only 19. 

The band performed songs from their debut album, Kill 'Em All, which had dropped only weeks before the concert. They also performed the songs "Hit the Lights", "The Four Horsemen" and "Motorbreath." 

Watch the full concert above, and see the below set list and time stamps. 

08:27 Lars Intro
13:10 Jump in the Fire
15:33 Phantom Lord
21:33 No Remorse
28:25 Anesthesia - (Pulling Teeth)
32:53 Whiplash
37:34 Seek & Destroy
45:15 Guitar Solo
48:30 Metal Militia