WATCH: AC/DC share 'Power Up' behind the scenes clips leading up to album release

Watch 14/10/2020

Leading up to the release of AC/DC's album 'Power Up', the band have posted a couple of behind-the-scenes clips to their YouTube channel.

The first video, posted over the weekend, sees Angus Young and Brian Johnson revealing the Power Up Deluxe Lightbox. Check it out below.

The second video, which was posted yesterday, shows Angus Young and Brian Johnson chatting about how proud they think Malcolm Young would be of the upcoming album. 

"I know Mal's not with us anymore," Young said.

"He's never far away from us is he", Johnson replied. 

"But he's there with us in spirit. This band was his baby, his life. He was always one... 'You keep going.'", Young continued. 

To which Johnson replied,

He would've been proud of this, I think. 

Check out the short one minute video at the top of the article.