Chris Cornell performs U2 'One' but using Metallica 'One' lyrics

Vids 15/06/2021

Just mashing together two iconic songs just cause you wanted to see how it sounds - and nailing it - what a musical genius.

If you've ever stumbled down a YouTube rabbit hole (like we often do), you might come across some gems that you may not have seen before - like this of the late great Chris Cornell singing Metallica 'One' lyrics over U2's 'One'.

Two very different songs - Metallica 'One' is about a man stepping on a landmine and being placed on life support, whereas U2's 'One' is the story of a break-up - but man, Cornell manages to turn it into one beautiful song, and crushes it.

Here's him telling the audience how the mash up came to be: 

So, I googled the lyrics cause I didn't know them, and I just put in 'One' lyrics - enter - and the first thing that came up was lyrics to 'One'. But it wasn't the U2 lyrics, because apparently most Googled lyrics to a song called 'One' was for a band called 'Metallica'. So when Metallica lyrics came up I thought, well fuck, lets see what that sounds like. And this is what it sounds like.

Honestly. This was man was so goddamn talented. We really lost a special human in 2017. RIP Chris Cornell.