WATCH: Devilskin's latest music video 'All Falls Down' is a futuristic 'call for awakening'

Kiwi Rock Soundcheck 30/04/2019

Devilskin has released the second single from their upcoming album, 'All Falls Down'.

Talking about the new song, the Kiwi rockers say lyrically it's "about the decline of society and the martyrdom of the millennial. Set in a bleak future where we have been fed lies and shackled to a machine that devours us in the name of progress."

This is a call for an awakening, it starts with one person.

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"This is such a great song to play live," said Devilskin bassist Paul Martin.

"For a while now it's been one of those songs that the crowd would ‘get' instantly. Jens vocal delivery, Nails' sizzling guitar licks and the driving beat make it contagious as all hell!" 

Devilskin are now back in the studio recording their fourth album due for release later in 2019.

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