Hirepool $100K No Repeat Work Day


One hundred thousand dollars is on the line for your No Repeat Work Day, cheers to Hirepool.

Listen out for the first track we play weekday mornings at 9am… hear it play again in its entirety before 5pm, give us a call on 0800 ROCK PHONE, and you could score $1,000 cash.

Hirepool has got all the equipment you need to get the job done whether you’re a tradie or DIYer. The smart way to get your hire gear is to pre-book online or over the phone and your gear will be ready waiting for you at the branch so you can save time and get on with your project. And if you need advice or suggestions about what gear you need for your project, hit up the experienced Hirepool team cause they know their stuff!

Hirepool, looking after tradies aaaaand DIYers for over 60 years.

There are a few ground rules:

(1) The song has to be played in its entirety, and it's gotta be the same song by the same artist - that is, the same recording - so live versions don't count.
(2) You must call when you hear the song - i.e. not three weeks later.
(3) It has to be a standard workday, not a public holiday! This includes regional anniversary days.
(4) At all times commercial filler audio, paid advertising and advertising material are not valid audio for this promotion. 
(5) Standard Rock Terms & Conditions applyThese have been updated