McCain No Repeat Work Day

Here at the Rock, we have a pretty good track record with our No Repeat Work Day. But cheers to McCain Flavour Boss pizza and our very own Boss, Brad, we are going to deliberately stuff up every day so you can score a thousand bucks!

Listen out for the song that plays at 9am every morning, then keep The Rock loud to hear it repeat before 5 to score the cash! $5,000 will definitely be won over the course of the week!
The No Repeat Work Day cheers to McCain Flavour Boss pizzas.

Get Game Ready with McCain Flavour Boss, available in all good stores now.

The Flavour Boss pizza range offers the convenience of frozen pizza without any compromise on flavour.

The three Flavour Boss pizzas include Mega Meat Feast with four different types of meat; extra Cheesy Pepperoni, topped with a generous amount of Cheese and Super Supreme that packs a flavour punch.

There are a few ground rules:

(1) The song has to be played in its entirety, and it's gotta be the same song by the same artist - that is, the same recording - so live versions don't count.
(2) You must call when you hear the song - i.e. not three weeks later.
(3) It has to be a standard workday, not a public holiday! This includes regional anniversary days.
(4) At all times commercial filler audio, paid advertising and advertising material are not valid audio for this promotion. 
(5) Standard Rock Terms & Conditions apply.