The official Hangover Sunday music video just bloody dropped

The Rock 1500 15/08/2018

If you somehow missed this one - Jimbo had a band back in highschool called GudthanX. They wrote a song called 'Hangover Sunday'. He reckon it's a bloody banger, so he rallied his cool music friends together and remade it. 

There's Sam from Skinny Hobo's on drums. Jennie from Devilskin on vocal support. Producer Jeremy on the guitar. Well, Jeremy was on the guitar - Before Jim got a case of full noise, buck wild, crazy frontman syndrome and drew an irreparable riff between the two of them.  


Suspiciously convenient timing this being at the same time as the Rock 1500 voting... 

We're definitely not telling ya to, but Jim says: "Go on, chuck Hangover Sunday a vote." 

If you haven't already. You can get voting here.