The Rock 1500 Live Stream - video highlights

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It's okay, there IS a way through...


Feedback Line: New Zealand shits on The Rock 1500

Alright then...


15 songs that won't make The Rock 1500 because of some cooked spelling

"Freddie Mercury - Mama"


Jay gets Dunc good with Rock 1500 stitch-up

The fact Jay drops is actually pretty impressive..


Legends of The Rock 1500: Remembering the top 15 from EVERY countdown

Take a look back at The Rock 1500's top songs


Hold the phone, the WINNER of The Rock 1500 has been revealed

Louise the telephone tarot card reader just ruined the day.


Behind the Music: The Rise and Fall of GudthanX and 'Hangover Sunday'

A documentary about one little, hairy, radio announcer viciously spiraling out of control.


Kids react to Hangover Sunday and holy shit, they don't hold back

"5 out of 10. Maybe."


Listeners sing Blindspott to Blindspott to win tickets to see Blindspott

A good ol' game of Blindspott karaoke.


WATCH: Blindspott open up about new music and working through their differences

After well over a decade, Blindspott are back.


WATCH: The biggest battler votes of The Rock 1500

How could you get them so wrong


Bryce the battler announces the wrong Rock 1500 dates

"You're supposed to be the front of this campaign!?"


Check out the hell of a night that was The Rock 1500 countdown party

A thousand people screaming "f--k you I won't do what you tell me" - doesn't get much better than that.


Shit Nobody Says on the last day of The Rock 1500

Fuck off Sam Cane.


How many Rock 1500 songs can Jim slip into a convo?

How punny is Jim?


How to ruin 'Free Bird' for everyone in 60 secs

Try not think of this when you next hear the solo.


Jim videobombs The Project to plug Nookie for The Rock 1500, ruins Rhys Mathewson's night

Looks like we won't be invited for work drinks with The Project team anytime soon...


When those messages you've been sending come back to bite you in the arse

Doing it all for the nookie.


Jim sneaks onto the Crowd Goes Wild, aggressively plugs 'Nookie'

Mulls was not impressed.


Jim somehow manages to plug 'Nookie' in the Crusaders parade

This shit is everywhere.


Jim attempts to get on the news to plug 'Nookie', fails miserably

You tried so hard, and got so far, but in the end...


Jim interrupts Jono & Ben's world record attempt to shamelessly plug The Rock 1500

He did it all for the nookie. On ya Jimbo.