Turns out the North Korean cheerleaders are actually Kim Jong-Un's sex slaves

Olympics 26/02/2018

North Korean defectors are claiming the women who make up the country's national cheerleading squad are forced to have sex with Kim Jong-un's top aides in the Workers Party of Korea [WPK].

One defector told Bloomberg what appears to be a fancy show on the outside is much more sinister.

"They have to go to parties and provide sexual services," Loo So-yeon said.

"They go to the central politburo party's events and have to sleep with the people there, even if they don't want it.

"Those sorts of human rights infringements take place, where women have to follow what they are told to do with their bodies."

Another defector, Kim Hyung-soo, told Bloomberg the athletes are essentially Mr Kim's "slaves".

The Daily Mail reports that the 230 women in the squad are under constant surveillance and forbidden from interacting with anyone other than their male minders.

South Korean and Japanese officials have labelled the squad a propaganda machine intended to deter international concern over nuclear testing.