Bad news lads, Fifa's banning broadcasters from filming lingering shots of hot women in the finals

world cup 13/07/2018

Fifa have told broadcasters to stop sexist camera shots ahead of the Football World Cup final.

While we can't lie, this is a bit of a bummer, the reason why is pretty disgusting.

Essentially, broadcasters have been ordered to stop focusing their cameras on 'hot women' in the crowd at football matches to tackle sexism.

Fifa diversity chief Federico Addiechi says soccer's world body will talk with national broadcasters and its TV production team.

The issue arose amid widespread reports of sexism at this year's tournament, including several incidents of female World Cup reporters being harassed online, and in public, with many being grabbed and kissed while on air.

Not okay.

Photography company Getty Images also got caught in the firing line, after tweeting a gallery of the hottest fans at the World Cup, which it later took down.

"We've done it with individual broadcasters,” said Addiechi. "We've done it with our host broadcast services."

He added that Fifa was not yet being "proactive" about the policy, but would "take action against things that are wrong."