Kiddo mistakes his dad's pingers for candy, hands them round to his mates at school

Drugs 17/09/2018

An eight-year-old boy found his dad's Ecky stash and shared them with his school mates, thinking the drugs were lollies.

An easy mistake, kiddo.

NZ Herald reports that the kid found the pressed pills in his dad's car, and shared his findings with four wee sprouts aged between 7 and 9 at his primary school in Riau, Indonesia.

The local papers reported that two of the beansprouts didn't end up eating the colourful pills, upon realising they were pretty damn shitty tasting for candy. Meanwhile, the other three were hospitalised after complaining of dizziness and headaches.

"The kids thought the green pills in their parents' car were candy. They cut up the pills and shared them with friends," Riau Police spokesperson Sunarto said

What kinda kid cuts up candy?

Anyway, good news is they have all made a full recovery from their accidental bender. 

They are feeling better now. They have received treatment.

Anyone got any stories of their kids or themselves as kids accidentally getting into adult stuff?

Shit, we bet NZ has some yarns...