Not even a "smashed testicle" could stop Jona Nareki competing for the Ranfurly Shield

Rugby 16/10/2018

Jona Nareki, Otago's winger sustained a smashed testicle in the 59th minute of Otago's battle against Waikato for the Ranfurly Shield over the weekend, and he continued to play like an absolute modern day hero.

That's right, Nareki helped Otago take score a memorable 23-19 and take home the Ranfurly Shield with a shmooshed ball. 

Accoridng to his coach, Ben Herring, the injury was so severe he had to get surgery the following day. 

If you know Jona, he's a particularly buoyant fella, but the comment was, 'don't worry mate, it's just a small operation'," Herring told RadioLive

What a bloody trooper.