The new Rock Drive show has been revealed

Rock Drive 29/11/2018

Come December 10, Jay Reeve will be joining good ol' Duncan Heyde on The Rock Drive home. 

Jay is stoked to have been given the nod to join the Rock team - 


“I’ve gotten to know Dunc over the past couple of years and with some good mates of mine in the wider team, I’m stoked to be joining The Rock Drive. After being off air for the past 18 months, I’m looking forward to getting behind the mic once again - although I can’t confirm my chat has gotten any better.


Dunc is also pretty pumped to have the new show locked in -

I’m beyond fizzed about next year! Jay is a bloody top bloke and I know our Rock listeners will love him. When I caught up with him he promised me that he will turn up to work, is low on life baggage and has no aspirations to move to Bali and sell knock off sunnies..... I said ‘welcome to the team!

And don't forget about The Hairy Chainsaw himself, Jim Cawthorn who will be crowbarring his way into the Drive Show as only Jim knows how.

Every good team needs a water-boy, so I guess I'm the Adam Sandler of this radio show