Want to be paid to knock off work early and drink beer? Here's how (for real)

Beer 14/11/2018

Want to be paid to drink beer?

What a silly question. Of course you do. But how? What sort of company would pay you to not work and sink a few wetties?

Australian beer company Sydney Beer Co. is looking for someone who loves beer, and who loves leaving work early in order to drink beer, to join their team.

The company recently placed an advertisement on Seek for a revolutionary new employment opportunity which they have called a CCOO or Chief Clock Off Officer.

Dream. Job. No more waiting around til 5pm to sink a few cold bevvies.

The position is the first of its kind and according to Sydney Beer Co. it is full time with a negotiable salary. However, as we all know - with great power comes great responsibility.

The main duties of being a CCOO are convincing Sydney workers to clock out earlier each day in order to drink beer and be social. Alongside this crucial aspect, there is also Venue Relationship Management (visiting as many Sydney pubs as possible) and Absolute Work Enjoyment (coercing people to leave early and enjoy a brew).

The advertisement calls for an 'afternoon person who reaches peak productivity watching the office clock countdown to that golden beer time'. You will also need to be "too busy planning your next social post to read any emails, spending your afternoons messaging friends, family and colleagues organising Sydney Time in any of Sydney's best pubs and bars."

No qualifications or prior experience seems to be necessary - all the job asks for is a self-motivated social butterfly with a love of sunshine and beer.

So if that's a bit of you, apply now.

h/t: Newshub.