RIP Big Day Out: Rock listeners share their epic stories from NZ's biggest festival

New Zealand 18/01/2019

Had it survived, today would have been Big Day Out, the biggest annual music festival New Zealand has ever seen.

Running from 1994-1997 and 1999-2012 at Auckland's Mt Smart Stadium, and one final outing at Western Springs in 2014, Big Day Out attracted some of the biggest names in music, particularly rock.

Tool, Metallica, Rage Against the Machine, Blink 182, Rammstein, System of a Down, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Pearl Jam all graced the stage over the years, along with local acts like Shihad.

This morning, The Rock listeners around the country shared their epic stories from the Big Day Out. Take a trip down memory lane bellow:

  • "Best memory of bdo was 2004 when The Strokes announced they were about to play there last song. The biggest cheer came from the crowd because Metallica was next."
  • "Was smashing out to System Of A Down, all of a sudden some huge dude picked me up like a feather screamed incoming & threw me over the guys in front of me... that's when they told everyone to calm down or they were leaving! Smashed the rest of the say with 2 broken ribs."
  • "When Bjork played before Rage Against the Machine and no one could hear her (not complaining) over the "Rage" chants. Who the fuck put her on the lineup anyway?!"
  • "BDO memories of using a Dr Seuss Cat in the hat top hat to smuggle booze in for 9 years in a row!!!"
  • "In mosh pit in front of Marilyn Manson crowd surged started getting crushed I'm 4ft 11 so was getting hammered was dragged from front out the back of crowd scary but amazing !"
  • "I remember getting really angry at a helicopter that was circling during a Tool set. I tried reporting it to security for suspicious behaviour!"
  • "I went to all of them, fav trick was a frozen loaf of bread with a bottle of JDs inside, in a chilly bin with some ham, tomatoes etc, they always looked in chilly bin but I always got away with 'just makin me lunches mate'"
  • "Going into the boiler room and getting stoned through the haze which hung over us."
  • "BDO 2001, my first ever concert as a 16yr old, went wirh my uncle who dissapeared to boiler room. Crazy limp bizkit mosh pit which i lost my shoes in. Such a mint day!!"
  • "Getting nearly trampled by a horde of 50 year olds during iggy pops set. And the pure anticipation of waiting for Tool to start as a saw flames shooting out of the Ramstein stage. What a year."
  • "Greatest BDO moment spending the whole Soulfly set in 99 crowd surfing"
  • "Definitely the 3 hour line for a beer."