Is this the spirit of NZ? Kiwi bloke launches sheep milk vodka, and we're intrigued...

News 24/04/2019

A night out drinking spurs idea for NZ's latest spirt

A Whangamata bloke is launching the world's first sheep milk vodka, and it could be the spirit NZ becomes known for.

The White Sheep Milk Co vodka is made from fermented and distilled New Zealand sheep milk, and is described as having "quite a sheep milk aroma and taste".

The product is the brainchild of Whangamata man Sam Brown, who told Magic Talk's Ryan Bridge that the idea came to him during a night out with friends.

"I was working overseas and was out with a bunch of friends, from different countries," he said.

He said they decided to have a drink from each of their respective homelands.

"We had tequila from Mexico, brandy from France and whisky from Scotland - but when it got to me, there was a blank, there was no drink that had a link to New Zealand," said Brown.

He said he considered a few options, including using New Zealand natives plants, but decided that sheep was better known internationally.

"Obviously everyone knows us for sheep, especially overseas, so it had a good fit."

He said using sheep's milk wasn't straightforward, but worth it for the unique taste.

"To convert the sugars from sheep's milk, you have to use special yeast."

The distilling process takes about 12 days and is carried out in Tauranga.

He is now working on getting the product into Asia, in time for the Rugby World Cup.