KFC, Pizza Hut & Carl's Jr workers are going on a three-day strike right now

News 17/05/2019

Well there goes our Friday night dinner plans...

Hundreds of fast-food workers at KFC, Pizza Hut and Carl's Jr are set to go on strick, like, right now.

Unite Union - the workers union for Restaurant Brands three fast food outles - say its members  will walk off the job at 2pm on Friday, and won't be back until after the weekend.

National secretary Gerard Hehir says there are a number of issues owner Restaurant Brands has to answer for, including pay, understaffing, use of part-time contracts, cuts to overtime and a push for shortened breaks. Fair enough, too.

"We receive daily reports from stressed-out staff unable to take breaks, reeling from angry customers and unable to ensure the stores are clean and correct food preparation procedures are followed," said Hehir.

"We want Restaurant Brands to give managers the power to actually take action when they're severely short-staffed - that means closing the drive-thru, closing the store for half-an-hour" or cancelling online orders.

"They used to have the authority to do that."

In response, Restaurant Brands said it was offering an average 5.7 percent increase in wages, but Unite was demanding 7 percent.

"These increases also balance the impact of minimum wage increases with the need to minimise increases to the consumer," said NZ chief executive Arif Khan, noting that Restaurant Brands was the first major fast food company in New Zealand to scrap zero-hour contracts, after a previous Unite campaign.

"Restaurant Brands apologises if any customers are impacted during this period."

Stick it to the man guys, but we're gonna miss our chicken.