Wolfgang Van Halen shares tribute for his Father Eddie, one year after his death

Our News 07/10/2021

Eddie Van Halen's son Wolfgang has shared a touching tribute to mark one year since his late, great Father passed.

Wolfgang took to social media today (October 7) to share his feelings of grief, alongside a photo of the two playing guitar together. 

He wrote:

"One year. You fought so hard for so long, but you were still taken away. It’s just so unfair.

"I’m not ok. I don’t think I’ll ever be ok. There’s so much I wish I could show you. So many things I wish I could share with you. I wish I could laugh with you again. I wish I could hug you again. I miss you so much it hurts."

"I'm trying to do my best here without you, but it’s really f**king hard. I hope you’re still proud."

He signed off the note with, 

I love you with all of my heart, Pop. Watch over me.

Eddie passed away October 6th (US Time) after a lengthy battle with cancer, and fellow Rockers were quick to pay tributes to the guitar legend

Not only was Wolfgang Eddie's son, but he was also Van Halen's bassist since 2006, and it's fair to say his Dad would be proud of everything he's doing.

Over the past year, Wolfgang released his self-titled debut album with his band Mammoth WVH, which included a tribute song for Eddie.

Most recently, he performed "Paradise City" on stage with Guns N' Roses, to which Axl Rose said,

"Wolfgang Van Halen. You know how cool that is to say that? That’s f**king cool. You don’t understand. We’re talking legacy!"